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By Claire Wolfe

ISBN-10: 189362613X

ISBN-13: 9781893626133

Changing into autonomous.

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If laws worked, there would be no crime. Chapter One and Only 17 Work harder: millions on welfare are depending on you. Support the Chinese Underground: buy an SKS and bury it. My country, yes. My government, no. Writing to Washington won't help; he's dead! Four boxes keep us free: ballot, jury, soap and cartridge. Orwell is starting to look like an optimist! Freedom-fighting women don't have hot flashes; we have power surges. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. — A. " If we all ignore the government, it'll go away.

It's a crime to do so on a government form, though almost no one is ever punished for it. But it's frightening how easily lenders, schools and government agencies will detect a false number and demand a real one. If you do make up a number, you must be careful to choose a "realistic" one. Social Security numbers have a pattern. For instance, the first three numbers are a code representing the state where your card was issued. The second two are a code denoting both date and place of issue. If you pick a number that says you're 36 years old when you're actually 21, someone might notice.

101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution 30 Since you're reading this book, you probably have some idea why it matters. In case you're one of the rrrillions who spouts your number without thinking every time somebody pushes your Social Security button, here's the reason: Privacy. The more that number is used to identify you, the more the feds, the state, or any talented computer hacker can find out about you. Where you live. What you own. What medicines you take. How much you pay in taxes (or whether you pay).

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