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3 Secure HTTP (S-HTTP) S-HTTP is a security addition to HTTP. It provides authentication and optionally also encryption. Although it is more flexible than SSL, S-HTTP is rarely used in practice as SSL is easier to administer and has proved functionally adequate for most secure Web applications. Web pages that use S-HTTP have a URL starting with https://. The client uses any non-privileged port and the server uses port 80 (such as HTTP). 4 Secure Mail (S-MIME) Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S-MIME) can be thought of as a very specific SSL-like protocol.

An eavesdropper cannot reconstruct the key from the information that went through the insecure channel. ) The security of Diffie-Hellman relies on the difficulty of calculating discrete logarithms in finite fields. After the shared secret has been established, it can then be used to derive keys for use with symmetric key algorithms such as DES. Diffie-Hellman makes possible the secure derivation of a shared secret key, but it does not authenticate the parties. For authentication another public-key algorithm must be used, such as RSA.

Decisions such as which security algorithms are to be used by each IPSec-enabled box and when the keys are to be refreshed are all aspects of policy management. And, with respect to key technology, almost all of today′ s currently popular security protocols begin by using public key cryptography. Each user is assigned a unique public key. Certificates, in the form of digital signatures, validate the authenticity of your identity and your encryption key. These certificates can be stored in a public key database, such as a secure DNS, that can be accessible via a simple protocol, such as LDAP.

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