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The 3 volumes of A direction in Mathematical research offer an entire and certain account of all these parts of genuine and complicated research that an undergraduate arithmetic pupil can count on to come across of their first or 3 years of analysis. Containing hundreds and hundreds of routines, examples and functions, those books becomes a useful source for either scholars and teachers. this primary quantity makes a speciality of the research of real-valued features of a true variable. in addition to constructing the fundamental thought it describes many purposes, together with a bankruptcy on Fourier sequence. it is usually a Prologue within which the writer introduces the axioms of set conception and makes use of them to build the genuine quantity process. quantity II is going directly to contemplate metric and topological areas and features of a number of variables. quantity III covers complicated research and the idea of degree and integration.

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We order E by setting (H, h) ≤ (H , h ) if H ⊆ H and h (a) = h(a) for a ∈ H. Suppose that C is a chain in E. As above, we set HC = {a ∈ A : a ∈ H for some (H, h) in C}. 10 Concluding remarks 29 If a ∈ HC then a ∈ H for some (H, h) in C. Let hC (a) = c(a). Arguing as above, hC is well-defined. We must check that it is injective. If a and a are distinct elements of HC , then a ∈ H for some (H, h) ∈ C and a ∈ H for some (H , h ) ∈ C. Since C is a chain, either H ⊆ H or H ⊆ H. Suppose that H ⊆ H . Then a ∈ H , and so hC (a) = h (a) = h (a ) = hC (a ).

If m ∈ Ik+1 , let c(m) = c (m) if m ≤ k and let c(k + 1) = n + 1. 2 Finite and infinite sets 39 |A| = k + 1 ≤ n + 1 ≤ n. Finally, k + 1 = n + 1 only if k = n, in which case A = In and A = In+1 . 7 Suppose that B is a subset of a finite set A. Then B is finite, and |B| ≤ |A|, with equality if and only if B = A. Proof If B is empty, then B is finite. If B is not empty then A is not empty, and there exist n ∈ N and a bijection c : In → A. Then c−1 (B) is a nonempty finite subset of In , and so there exists m ∈ N, with m ≤ n, and a bijection d : Im → c−1 (B).

Suppose that A does not have a least element. Let V = {m ∈ Z+ : m ≤ a for all a ∈ A}. Note that A ∩ V = ∅. 0 ∈ V , since 0 ≤ n for all n ∈ Z+ . Suppose that m ∈ V and that a ∈ A. Since m ∈ A, m < a. Thus a = m + t, where t ∈ N. Thus t = r + 1 for some r ∈ Z+ , so that a = m + (r + 1) = (m + 1) + r, and m + 1 ≤ a. Since this holds for all a ∈ A, m + 1 ∈ V . By induction, V = Z+ . Since A ∩ V = ∅, it follows that A is empty, giving a contradiction. ✷ The well-ordering property provides an alternative approach to induction.

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